About RADAC®

Radiographic Accessories Limited (RADAC) has been established for over 50 years and is the United Kingdoms premier manufacturer of specialised high quality accessories for industrial radiography. The World famous RADAC brand is a registered trademark wholly owned by Radiographic Accessories Limited  We are an ISO 9001 : 2015 registered  company, certificate number 14135547.

We are incorporated in England, a  registered company number 02904032  and our offices and production facilities are based in England.

RADAC has been an Associate Member of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing since 1971 and a registered member with the North East England Chamber of Commerce since 1969.

Our team highly skilled and experienced technicians complete all aspects of the production process in house from the initial design through to final manufacture at our production facility in County Durham, England. By having this level of control of the end to end production process we can ensure the quality of RADAC products.

We export to over 50 countries and have a network of RADAC authorised re-sellers Worldwide. For Export orders in areas where we do not have a local re-seller we can provide a complete Certificate of Origin preparation service; including obtaining certified copies of commercial invoices. We can also assist with shipping rate quotes for your order / enquiry

At RADAC the emphasis has always been placed on achieving customer satisfaction, we live by and for our customers’ success and continually aim to build and develop lasting relationships with our clients and associates.

In addition to the full range of products detailed in our catalogue we also provide a bespoke custom manufacturing service.

We specialise in the production of specially sized and shaped flexible plastic cassettes, non-standard sized Lead Intensifying Screens up to 100 cm in length specially designed to meet individual customers requirements.

RADAC manufacture “ready to use” custom designed cassettes pre-loaded with x-ray film and intensifying screens of any shape and film screen combination, our “ready to use” pre-loaded cassettes with film are designed for ease of use, saving your technicians time in the field.

RADAC cassettes with film are produced to fine tolerances, this together with our quality processes ensures that 100% test repeatability can be achieved.

We specialise in the manufacture of sub 20mm shaped Cassettes with Film to support applications where CR techniques are not suffice.

RADAC’s manufacturing processes, rigorous quality checks and continuous improvement culture has resulted in the development of a range of high quality products that have a lower whole life cost.

This reputation for consistently delivering goods of the highest quality has lead to RADAC products becoming the benchmark, being used and relied upon worldwide by the leading names in the Aviation, Petrochemical, and Nuclear industries.