RADAC® Image Quality Indicators (IQI’s)

We use of the very best materials, manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control throughout the Image Quality Indicators production process. As a result RADAC Wire Type IQI’s are guaranteed free from defects and conformity can be assured.

Our range of wire type IQI’s are available in both American ASTM E747 and European EN462-1  Standards.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom in our own factory to exacting standards. Therefor by controlling the production process end to end we can ensure that high quality is consistently guaranteed.

Subsequently, this attention to detail has meant over time that RADAC IQIs have become the industry benchmark standard.

Both EN462-1 and ASTM E747  type indicators are available in the following materials:  Steel (FE), Stainless Steel (SS), Aluminium (AL), Copper (CU), Inconel 600 (IN) and Titanium (TI).

ASTM E747 are available in wire lengths of 50mm or 100mm and EN462-1 in wire lengths of 10mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm

All RADAC wire type IQIs have a unique serial number for Quality Assurance purposes and audit traceability.

For each unique serial number we maintain records of the wire material type, actual measured wire diameters and the date of manufacture.  

EN 462:1 type indicators can be supplied in wallets, with individual conformity certificates or without wallets and a general certificate of conformity.

Further details about the RADAC range of IQI’s including full specifications and prices can be found on page 51 of  our downloadable catalogue.

You can find out more about Radiography IQIs here Image Quality Indicators (IQIs) or Penetrameters of Radiography Testing (workshopinsider.com) 

Quality Assured

All RADAC IQIs are supplied with Certificates of Conformity. RADAC use of the best materials and manufacturing techniques combined with rigorous quality control throughout the production process ensures that Radac IQI’s are free from defects.

Manufactured to precise standards

RADAC manufacture class leading European Standard EN 462-1 Wire TYPE IQIs, and American standard ASTM E747 (Wire Type) Penetrameters. RADAC IQIs are used and relied upon Worldwide and have become the industry benchmark standard.

Full Range of Materials

Available in Steel (FE), Aluminium (AL), Copper (CU) Titanium (TI) and Inconel 600 alloy. Each material is for use against its corresponding material and alloys, for example the aluminium indicators are for use with aluminium and its alloys.

Audit Traceability

All RADAC IQIs have a unique individual serial number for Quality Assurance and Audit. purposes and ensures we can trace measurement records and date of manufacture. All RADAC Image Quality Indicators are supplied with a certificate of conformity.

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