RADAC® X-Ray Cassettes 

RADAC X-ray Cassettes are considered by many to be the industry benchmark. We manufacture a range of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid cassettes that are suitable for both X-ray film and flexible imaging plates.

Manufactured from the very best materials with robust quality controls employed throughout the production process. This ensures that RADAC X-ray cassettes have a longer service life resulting in lower whole life cost. 


RADAC Standard X-ray Cassettes are manufactured from our highly flexible black light proof 400 micron PVC material. 

The Reinforced Cassettes are manufactured from specially formulated nylon reinforced PVC material which  reduces the tendency to split whilst retaining flexibility in cold conditions.

Our Heavy Duty cassettes are manufactured  to withstand the toughest conditions.

RADAC One – Seam x-ray cassettes are constructed from a heavy duty , nylon reinforced PVC. They are coloured  yellow on the outside for easy recognition.

RADAC Twin or Double Envelope Cassettes design ensures that they lie perfectly flat , having no fold over ends or fastening.

Further detail of the x-ray cassette range can be found below or in the downloadable catalogue.

Quality Assured

RADAC Cassettes are manufactured in the United Kingdom. RADAC use of the best materials and manufacturing techniques combined with rigorous quality control ensures that RADAC cassettes are received free from defects.

Full Range of Cassettes in Imperial, Metric and Custom Sizes

Full range of cassettes in popular Inch and Metric and Sizes We can also manufacture bespoke custom sizes to your exacting requirements.

Full range of Cassette Styles

RADAC manufacture a large range of cassette types including, Flexible Single and Double (Twin) Envelope Cassettes, Semi-Rigid Cassettes and bespoke custom cassettes.

Full range of Material Grades

RADAC cassettes are available in Standard, Reinforced and Heavy Duty grade materials to suit your operating environment. For further information about RADAC range of cassettes see tabs below. Alternatively product specifications, standard sizes and list prices of our downloadable catalogue.

Insist on Genuine RADAC® X-Ray Cassettes

Flexible Single Envelope Cassettes

RADAC’s range of flexible single envelope x-ray cassettes have a finger pull tab to assist holding whilst unloading the cassette. They have a light tight seal that is secured with a hook and loop fastening.

Flexible One Seam Reinforced Single Envelope Cassettes

RADAC One – Seam cassettes are constructed from a specially formulated, heavy duty , nylon reinforced PVC. They are coloured yellow on the outside for easy recognition. One- Seam cassettes are manufactured without side seams, this innovative design combined with high quality materials ensures that they are made to outlast any other type of flexible cassette.

Flexible Double (Twin ) Envelope Cassettes

RADAC Double or Twin Envelope cassettes are designed to lie perfectly flat. This because the have no fold over ends or fastening. X- ray film and lead intensifying Screens are loaded into the smaller inner envelope. .The inner envelope is the is then inserted , open end first into the larger envelope to make a light tight seal.

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