RADAC® X-Ray Film Cutting Service

Cutting films down to a smaller size is a service RADAC has offered to film manufacturers for a number of years. By using CNC programmed guillotines to cut the film both dimensional accuracy and fine tolerances can be assured.

No job is too big or too small , with our extensive darkroom facilities equipped and team of skilled technicians we are able to accommodate orders of any size ranging from bulk quantities (pallet loads) to cutting a single boxes of film.

We can cut boxes of films to any smaller size, if required we can round profile the corners.

Depending on your requirements we can either either re-pack your cut film in their original packaging or alternatively re-pack them to your specification in our custom sized light proof packaging.

We can provide a repacking service using RADAC’s specially formulated packaging material.

This packaging can be produced in any bespoke size required and seals the films in light-tight, water-tight PVC bags, these are then individually labelled with the film type, batch number and expiry date.

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Quality Assured

Rigorous quality control throughout the cutting and re-packing process ensures that your films are received as you specified them.

Film Repacking Service

RADAC technicians can either put the cut films back in their original boxes or re-pack them in our own specially produced sealed light proof packs to your specific requirements.

Radius Cutting of Film Corners

RADAC technicians can apply a radius cut to round the corners of your films to ease loading into cassettes.

Bespoke Sizes Precision Cut

Standard X-ray Films cut exactly to the size you require. Films are CNC machine cut ensuring that each film is exactly the same size.

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