RADAC® ready to use X-ray Films

RADAC  “ready to use” X-ray film consist of custom sized and shaped X ray films and Intensifying Screens of any desired film grade, film shape or size enclosed in a light tight disposable flexible plastic cassettes, ready for exposure saving you time and money in the field.

RADAC “ready to use” X – Ray films are manufactured to fine dimensional tolerances and can be packed with any available type of x-ray film to suit your exact requirements.




(Examples of RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films)

RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films can contain just one film or can be multiple-loaded for such applications where duplicate records may need to be maintained.

RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films can also be manufactured with any combination of lead foil screens (front, back and / or centre foils) for intensification or scatter absorbing purposes. Films are sealed under pressure to exclude all air.



(Boiler tube weld)

The disposable cassettes are made from RADAC’s specially formulated 300 micron black PVC type material, the unique formulation and construction ensures light tightness in all conditions. Each ready to use X-Ray Film has a colour coded patch fitted to indicate the type of film enclosed and its expiry date. RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films are supplied with Certificates of Conformity.

RADAC specialise in the manufacture of sub 20mm shaped Cassettes with Film to support applications where CR techniques are not suffice.


(A double loaded RADAC ready to use X-Ray Film being used to inspect boiler tube welds) 

Quality Assured

RADAC use of the best materials and manufacturing techniques combined with rigorous quality control ensures that RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films are free from defects.

This means RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films can be relied upon to produce top quality results saving both time and money in the field.


RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films are machine cut to ensure that each film is the exact same size and that the edge of the film is as close as possible to the outer edge of the cassette.

This means when using RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films you can be assured 100% test repeatability can consistently be achieved.

Precision Made

RADAC are the leading manufacturer of bespoke precision made ready to use X-Ray Films.

RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films are widely used and relied upon Worldwide in the Nuclear Industry, Aircraft engines, General Engineering & Pressure Vessels.

Manufactured to suit you

RADAC ready to use X-Ray Films are manufactured to the customers exact requirements to obtain a quote please contact us and provide the following information:

  1. Engineering drawing showing all dimensions.
  2. The permitted edge-edge separation.
  3. The number and types of films to be enclosed.
  4. Whether lead-foil screens are required and their thicknesses.
  5. The number of cassettes in the initial order.

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