RADAC® Lead Identification Markers

RADAC® Lead Identification Markers

RADAC lead markers are available in two styles Sharp and Flat faced.

Sharp faced markers are generally used for x-radiography and produce a well defined, clean image on the film.

The flat face style has greater bulk for use with the more penetrating gamma radiation.

RADAC lead markers are also available in Mounted or Un – Mounted form.

Mounted markers are fixed to 0.25mm thick rigid white PVC for easy handing.

Sharp-faced markers are measured with reference to the front, sharp face of the character. Flat-faced markers are measured on the back of the character.

The full RADAC Lead Identification Marker range are available in the following sizes 6.3mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm and 19.5mm.

They are sold in either packs of 10 or packs of 100 (minimum order quantities apply).

Further details about the RADAC range of Lead Identification Markers including full specifications and prices are available in our downloadable catalogue.

Two Styles

Radac Lead markers are available in two styles, sharp faced and flat faced markers. And available either Mounted or Un-mounted

Characters Available

Manufactured as arrows, (sharp faced only), full range of capital letters A – Z and numerals 0 -9 are available across the RADAC range.

Multiple Sizes

Radac Lead Markers are available in a variety of popular sizes. Both Flat Faced and Sharp Faced Lead Identification Markers are available in 6.3,9.5, 12.5 and 19.5 mm sizes.

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