RADAC® Magnetic Marker Tapes

RADAC® Magnetic Marker Tapes

RADAC Magnetic Marker Tapes represent a significant advance in marker tape design.

They are easier to work with and considerably longer-lasting than the conventional fabric type marker tapes resulting in a lower whole life cost.

RADAC Magnetic Marker Tapes are made from hard, yet flexible magnetic rubber faced with white PVC.

Embossed lead identification markers are placed either at 5 or 10cm intervals.

The markers are thick enough to ensure visibility on the radiograph without causing glare.

RADAC Magnetic Marker tapes adhere firmly to all ferrous surfaces, even when painted or wet,

They are easily re-position-able and reduce resource requirements in the field by eliminating the need for a two-man operation.

Further details about the RADAC range of Magnetic Marker Tapes including full specifications and prices are available in our downloadable catalogue.

Quality Assured

RADAC use of the best materials and manufacturing techniques combined with rigorous quality control throughout the production process ensures that the RADAC maker tapes are free from defects.

Incredibly Durable

Tests show that the RADAC Magnetic Marker tapes stretch by less than 5mm over a 10m length even after having being in full-time service in the field for several months. RADAC Magnetic Marker Tapes are available in a range of lengths from 1 meter to 15 meters.

No Glare

Lead identification markers are spaced at either 5cm or 10cm intervals for the whole length of the marker tape. There unique design and thickness ensures visibility on the radiograph without causing any unwanted glare.

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