RADAC® Copper Intensifying Screens

RADAC Screens

Used and relied upon by the major names in industry, RADAC Copper Intensifying Screens have become the benchmark.

RADAC screens are manufactured in our production facility in the United Kingdom and our rigorous quality control process ensures that RADAC screens are free from defects that could interfere with the interpretation of the image. So whether you are using film or CR plates you can rely on RADAC screens to deliver the results.

RADAC Copper Intensifying Screens are produced to exacting standards and CNC cut to guarantee accuracy every time.

Sizing & Materials

Our screens are manufactured to either BS3490:1985 or ISO 5655-2000 standards.  They are available in all standard metric & imperial sizes and however bespoke non–standard sizes are available.

The high quality materials and quality assured production techniques used by RADAC, ensure that you receive problem free screens that deliver higher intensification, increased sensitivity, reduced exposure times and better contrast time after time. have a highly flexible backing material and the copper surface has a removable protective film.


A pack of  5 pairs will contain 10 individual screens,10 pairs  20 individual screens, and 25 pairs 50 individual screens. The most economical way to purchase is in 25 pair packs (50 individual screen packs) as the higher volume results in a lower unit price per pair.


For more information on Intensifying Screens, Visit Radiopaedia.

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