RADAC® Phosphur Imaging Plates for Digital Radiography

RADAC® Phosphur Imaging Plates for Digital Radiography

RADAC bespoke custom size and shaped Flexible Phosphor Imaging Plates for Digital Radiography are specifically designed to provide an alternative to film in Non Destructive Testing applications such as:

• Weld inspection
• Erosion/Corrosion inspection
• Castings (In-process and final)
• Valve positioning
• Concrete and Structure inspection

Precision cut and manufactured to fine dimensional tolerances RADAC’s bespoke flexible Digital Imaging Plates can be produced in virtually any shape that may be required for your application.

Each bespoke RADAC Flexible Imaging Plate is machine cut to your exact specification to fine dimensional tolerances so the accuracy and standardisation of each plate can be assured.

To ensure that you get the best from your RADAC shaped flexible Imaging Plates we recommend that you also specify RADAC’s matching protective covers and flexible cassettes.

RADAC’s custom sized protective covers and flexible sleeves are designed to perfectly fit your custom Imaging Plates, reducing the risk of accidental damage in the field, extending the Imaging Plate life and lowering whole life cost.

Being perfectly matched and sized to compliment your Shaped Imaging Plates and manufactured to fine tolerances, tight edge fit if required can be assured even on curved shapes that are typically used for weld inspections.

The cassettes and protective sleeves can also be specified with open sides to aid access to the imaging plate during loading and unloading.

RADAC custom shaped flexible Imaging Plates ensure that you continue to get the benefits of Computed Radiography (such as no processing chemicals, no need for darkroom, no development time)  in applications where it would not be possible to utilise a standard sized imaging plate.

Quality Assured

Rigorous quality control throughout the production process ensures that RADAC custom shaped digital imaging plates are free from defects that could interfere with the interpretation of the image.

Machine cut to ultra fine tolerances every RADAC custom shaped Flexible Imagining Plate will be exactly sized to your original specification.

Flexible & Durable

RADAC custom shaped Flexible Imaging Plates are capable of being re-used 100’s of times over.

To prolonged Imaging Plate life and lower whole life cost we recommend that they are used in conjunction with RADAC’s matching custom shaped Flexible Cassettes.

Bespoke Manufactured

RADAC Custom Shaped Flexible Imaging Plates are manufactured to meet the customers exact requirements to obtain a quote please contact us and provide the following information:

1. Engineering drawing showing all dimensions for the imaging plate.
2. The type / specification of imaging plate required.
3. Whether matching custom shaped cassettes are required.
4.The quantities required.

0.125mm & 0.25mm Thicknesses

RADAC copper intensifying screens are available in a full range of sizes in both 0.125mm and 0.25mm thicknesses.

Full Range of Cut Sizes

Available in all standard metric & imperial sizes and are cut according to BS3490:1985 or ISO 5655-1982. Bespoke non–standard size screens can be manufactured to order.

Premium Materials

The high quality un-coated copper used in RADAC screens results in higher intensification and an absence of problems associated with lacquer coatings & other products.

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